Life can be pretty crazy

18 Jul

We have always had a crazy life. When I tell people the things that have happened to us, good and bad, most don’t believe it. Some people think we’re “lucky” and some think we’ve been pretty unlucky, and I guess, in human terms, both are true. But I operate on Kingdom terms, and what I see when I look back is a long and winding road that’s gotten me to this point. Some of that road goes through dark, treacherous, scary valleys, and some up along high, sun filled peaks. But it’s all the same road, and I don’t really see any of it as better or worse than the rest. The times that were really awful were probably more valuable in terms of my walk and where I am now than the times that were great, although the latter certainly has better memories!

I say all this because right now things are pretty crazy, in a good way. My first novel was published this week, and I got two dozen copies delivered today. That’s pretty freaking amazing, to be honest. That novel came from a crazy idea called NaNoWriMo, which I’ve written about before. It is not only my first published book, it’s the first novel I ever wrote. And since November of 2011 I’ve written three novels and a screenplay, and will be writing my fourth starting August 1. My second novel will be published in September.

Now, for those of you who don’t really see things from a Kingdom perspective, you’re probably thinking, “What’s the big deal? You wrote a book, that’s great, clap clap clap, move on.” Well, these novels are the culmination – or, maybe, the beginning of the culmination, of many years of living by trusting God. By following him, in ways that don’t match up with traditional church Christianity. By obeying, even when it seemed crazy.

I don’t claim some mystical finger from heaven came and wrote the novels. But I also know that it makes absolutely no sense in the natural that I, having never written a novel in my life, having written nothing longer than a short story since the 6th grade, having published nothing, having had no ideas for a book, suddenly wrote 88,651 in 23 days in November of 2011. And it was good. I wrote 67k words of the sequel to that book in February and March, putting it aside to write a feature film screenplay in April. I completed 130 pages, which translates to a 2 hour plus movie, in 16 days. And it was good. I was in Uganda most of May, came back, and wrote 88,370 words of a historical romance in 26 days, having not even read romance. And it was good. Now I’m almost done with the sequel, it’s good, and I’m starting a new novel, full of ideas for a fantasy/dystopian novel. Another genre I don’t read.

So, whatever you might think of my sudden outpouring of creativity and good writing, I know where the inspiration came from. My Creator. And I know who gives me the ability to think and type so quickly. My Sustainer. Living a Kingdom life is a great thing, if you look back at that road and realize that all those valleys and peaks have gotten you to where you are now. And the cool thing about living a life full on for God? You’re not done until the day you die. I think that’s pretty amazing!

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