HOT summer days – what to do?!

1 Jul

OK, this heat is ridiculous. And this is coming from a Floridian. Seriously, 106 at 5:45pm? 103 at 6:50pm? No. Not acceptable.

So what to do besides sweat? That’s the question. (My husband is the smart one – he stayed in Beaufort, where it’s 10 degrees cooler and the water is still deliciously cool. I, on the other hand, needed to be in Raleigh for the weekend, and can’t get back there fast enough!) Here’s what we’ve done:

* Went to see “Brave” – it was really good! And Merida is so much like our red-headed friend Jess, not just in looks, that we laughed.

* Made key lime pie. Hey, it works in Florida!

* Made guacamole. Ditto.

* Closed off the sunroom. Emmy (the cat) has been meowing incessantly since I closed the door, but even with ac in there, it’s just too hot with all the glass. So the view today is from my living room!

* Stayed cool in dark rooms! I don’t know why it seems cooler with the lights out, but it does.

* Watched movies on tv. Although this wasn’t too successful. I bought “Wrath of the Titans” on iControl, and quit halfway through. It’s bad. As much as I love stuff about the Greek gods, it was just…bad.

* I Love Lucy marathon. ‘Nuff said.

Not exciting, I realize. But how excited can you get when it’s freaking 100+ degrees outside?? What are you doing to beat the heat?


One Response to “HOT summer days – what to do?!”

  1. Tracy Garrison July 19, 2012 at 9:10 am #

    I have learned to beat the heat in Houston by knitting or crocheting with the a/c on and the lights out…………I feel “accomplished” after I have made something beautiful for myself or the house.

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