Peaks and valleys… Or, sometimes things are hard.

28 Apr

I know the old saying, that if we didn’t have the valleys, we wouldn’t appreciate the peaks. And I get why that’s true. I have more than my share of peaks, so this isn’t a post to complain about some horrible lot in life. I love my life, almost all the time.

But when things are about to change (ie me being gone for 3 weeks 8,000 miles away), then there’s a lot of stress, on all sides. I have to pack a ton of stuff (almost all not ours) within the crazy specifications of theairlines. And this time around I get ONE carry on that weighs no more than FIFTEEN pounds. And we spend a night in a hotel on the way, so this bag has to have a modicum of overnight items… Our visas and passports were really delayed, and we just got them back – which is a good thing, but thinking our passports were lost was a bad thing! There’s also all the home preparations – enough meds and prescription food for the pets, supplies for the husband, making sure bills are up to date, etc.

Then there’s my dear husband’s… not love for my being gone for 3 weeks. He is very generous to let me go, but let’s just say he’s not cheering at this moment. Understandable, but just added stress.

I am trying to keep my mind on things above… And that’s not the airplanes! This trip itinerary has been unusual from the start, and this trip isn’t going to be like any other. But God said to go in May, so we’re going in May. And He won’t be surprised by anything that goes on, either there or here. So that’s what I’m keeping in mind.

At this point, I’d just like to be on the way… That’s the point of relaxation, when nothing else can be done, it doesn’t matter what else is on the lists, goodbyes have been said, and all that we can do it look forward to being there and seeing what God is going to do. Well… Only 4 more days to get through, and then we’re off!

Now if I can just get some motivation…

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