Wow… time flies

2 Apr

Well, my goal of a post a week at least is shot… Between my anemia, my son’s anemia, and life… well. Didn’t happen.

So what’s going on?

Heading to Uganda in a month, which is coming really fast. I’m so excited! It’s been way too long this time.

I started Script Frenzy yesterday, and will be writing 100 pages or more of script in April. I’m really excited about my story, and am praying I can get it on the paper the way I see it in my head.

My whole family is doing Weight Watchers online, and we like it. I’m having trouble with dinners – with my few points a day (26) and the guys many points a day (44 and 49), it’s hard for me to make something all of us can enjoy. And I’m tired of the meat/veg/starch or other veg. I want something mushed up together in a casserole, or over pasta! And I want to go out and let someone else cook! *sigh*

Spring has sprung, and I’d like to say that spring cleaning has as well. In a limited way it has, but in the more macro sense (like the whole actual cleaning part) it hasn’t. I am a project person – change a room over to an office? No problem. Redo all the bookshelves? Piece of cake. Tidy the living room? Are you nuts? It’s a character flaw…

Happy April everyone!

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