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Peaks and valleys… Or, sometimes things are hard.

28 Apr

I know the old saying, that if we didn’t have the valleys, we wouldn’t appreciate the peaks. And I get why that’s true. I have more than my share of peaks, so this isn’t a post to complain about some horrible lot in life. I love my life, almost all the time.

But when things are about to change (ie me being gone for 3 weeks 8,000 miles away), then there’s a lot of stress, on all sides. I have to pack a ton of stuff (almost all not ours) within the crazy specifications of theairlines. And this time around I get ONE carry on that weighs no more than FIFTEEN pounds. And we spend a night in a hotel on the way, so this bag has to have a modicum of overnight items… Our visas and passports were really delayed, and we just got them back – which is a good thing, but thinking our passports were lost was a bad thing! There’s also all the home preparations – enough meds and prescription food for the pets, supplies for the husband, making sure bills are up to date, etc.

Then there’s my dear husband’s… not love for my being gone for 3 weeks. He is very generous to let me go, but let’s just say he’s not cheering at this moment. Understandable, but just added stress.

I am trying to keep my mind on things above… And that’s not the airplanes! This trip itinerary has been unusual from the start, and this trip isn’t going to be like any other. But God said to go in May, so we’re going in May. And He won’t be surprised by anything that goes on, either there or here. So that’s what I’m keeping in mind.

At this point, I’d just like to be on the way… That’s the point of relaxation, when nothing else can be done, it doesn’t matter what else is on the lists, goodbyes have been said, and all that we can do it look forward to being there and seeing what God is going to do. Well… Only 4 more days to get through, and then we’re off!

Now if I can just get some motivation…

Catching up and keeping up

24 Apr

We leave for Uganda in 9 days… wow! How did that get here so fast! The spring has been crazy, and April quite cold, but that best part is that I am feeling so very much better on the Irospan protocol for my anemia. What an amazing turn around! Wow! Zeke is about 5 weeks into his OTC iron, and he’s got a ton more energy, too. So on that front, things are great.

We’re not doing a safari this time, but we are going white water rafting on the Nile, and staying a night at Wildwaters. Wildwaters is one of my all time favorite places on the planet, truly an amazing resort and location. We’ll also be staying a night at one of our other Uganda favorites, the Kingfisher. Both of these are in Jinja. Then a night at the babies home in Bukaleba, and 2 nights in town. (Head to the Ten Eighteen blog here for more info!)

My whole family is doing Weight Watchers online, and for the most part, I can highly recommend their Points Plus program. Ryan and I have determined that it’s quite a bit trickier for women than for me… We get 26 daily points to their 44-48! So we all have 49 weekly points, but Ryan and I are using some of those just for regular eating, while the guys can “spend” them eating out or on treats. Eating out is probably the biggest issue unless you go to a chain restaurant or have sashimi… But I’ve lost 5 or the 7 lb I wanted to lose (having gained them eating carbs trying to have some energy during the anemia) in a month. And the iPhone app is great, because I can check points for things in the grocery. Overall, an A. (Now, in Uganda… Not sure how it’s going to work!)

I finished my Script Frenzy screenplay in about 13 days of writing, and it came out well. Since I’m not taking my laptop to Uganda, I will do an edit when I get back – it’s a bit too long at 130 pages. Also, I will resume sending out queries for Solomon’s Throne, and add queries for the screenplay (called Laid Waste), in June. Finally, on the writing front, I’ll be participating in Camp NaNo in June, and I’ve decided to write the Christian historical romance set in the Civil War, since I have an agent who has requested it, and will read it. I’ll do the Camp NaNo in August and write a screenplay based on a murder mystery I started in 2009.

I’m really ready for warm weather, for Uganda, for the beach and boating and no school and summer! And hopefully, I’ll update the blog a bit more often once I get back (we won’t have much power or internet for the 3 weeks we’re gone). Enjoy the spring!

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Wow… time flies

2 Apr

Well, my goal of a post a week at least is shot… Between my anemia, my son’s anemia, and life… well. Didn’t happen.

So what’s going on?

Heading to Uganda in a month, which is coming really fast. I’m so excited! It’s been way too long this time.

I started Script Frenzy yesterday, and will be writing 100 pages or more of script in April. I’m really excited about my story, and am praying I can get it on the paper the way I see it in my head.

My whole family is doing Weight Watchers online, and we like it. I’m having trouble with dinners – with my few points a day (26) and the guys many points a day (44 and 49), it’s hard for me to make something all of us can enjoy. And I’m tired of the meat/veg/starch or other veg. I want something mushed up together in a casserole, or over pasta! And I want to go out and let someone else cook! *sigh*

Spring has sprung, and I’d like to say that spring cleaning has as well. In a limited way it has, but in the more macro sense (like the whole actual cleaning part) it hasn’t. I am a project person – change a room over to an office? No problem. Redo all the bookshelves? Piece of cake. Tidy the living room? Are you nuts? It’s a character flaw…

Happy April everyone!