The month of writing dangerously… Or something like that

7 Feb

The February/March writing challenge has begun. It’s a bunch of NaNoWriMo participants who miss the hectic pace getting “together” on the forums and writing 60,000 words in 60 days. A lot of the people are counting all writing, like blog posts and journals. And true, writing is writing. But for me, this is a 60 day challenge to write a second novel, and I’m actually aiming for around 90,000 words (or to the end). I crossed the 10,000 word mark last night, so I’m 1,000 words in the black so far. That’s always good… You never know when you’ll have a day where you don’t/can’t write anything.

I’m also about 60 pages from the end of editing my NaNo novel, called Solomon’s Throne. I’m hoping to finish editing it this week (need to get a move on!), and start querying agents by February 15. There, I wrote that down for all to see, so there’s some pressure… Editing is way less fun than writing, and this is a really in depth edit, pondering each (almost) word, deciding if a better word would work, checking grammar, removing extraneous stuff and adding in some scenes that my beta readers wanted. I finished NaNoWriMo with 88,651 words, and the novel is at 91,782 right now. I have one more scene to write from scratch for sure, so I’m thinking it’ll be in the 94,000-95,000 range. Good for my genre (adventure).

The new novel is a sequel. I debated that… Some people’s advice on writing forums is not to bother with a sequel until you’ve sold the first one, because you might not, and then you’ve wasted your time. Well. Two things. One is, I feel good about being able to publish the first one, and have had really good feedback from non-relatives on it. And two, I just really wanted to write another book with my main characters. I like them. They’re fun, they’re smart, they work well together… I’m just not done with them, I guess. And to my way of thinking, no writing is wasted, even if it doesn’t sell. I’m learning craft, I’m learning persistence and (as my first real boss used to call it) stick-to-itiveness. I’m figuring out how to put a detailed plot together in a way that makes sense. And I’m really having a blast. So… Sequel. For the moment, it’s called The Hoard of the Doges.

What I haven’t learned is how to keep the laundry going and do all this. If you have any tips, just let me know! (In case you haven’t realized, sometimes when a post has no reason to have photos, I just have to add random ones. Because I’m a visual person… This last one is of possibly the world’s worst product.)

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