Soul Train! and Breakdance Project Uganda

1 Feb

According to the press, Don Cornelius, the founder of Soul Train, died from apparent suicide today. That’s really sad… In reading the article, though, I watched this video which was embedded, and it took me back to the days of sitting on the bed, watching SOOOOOuuuuuul Train! on TV. Wasn’t it great? Way better than American Bandstand. Much cooler. Or so we thought. Check out the clothes and hair – my goodness! But also, notice how much of modern hip hop got its start from this era. And, of course, Earth Wind and Fire was just awesome, period.

Now a’days we don’t have quite so much… well, fun on tv. Just fun. It’s always got to be a competition, not just a performance. That takes some of the enjoyment out, I think. But click below, and see fun…

Life is too short not to enjoy it – so go out and dance. Or stay in and dance! Crank up ELO or Earth Wind and Fire, or Usher or even Lady Gaga (if you must!). Dance like no one’s watching!

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