New Years Do-Over (1/20/12)

25 Jan

We left for our vacation in the Keys on Dec 31, verrrry early in the morning, and were gone until the night of the 9th, so my intention all along was to “start” my new year things when we got back. Well, it’s now the 20th, and I’ve had a horrible cold and now (again) a sinus infection, and not shockingly none of those things have happened. My house is a wreck, my book isn’t edited (almost, but not completely), my exercise program is… nonexistent. My eating is messed up because I can’t smell or taste anything. My painting is still sitting unfinished on the easel – since August.

Emmy is hibernating

So I’m calling a do-over. A mulligan. While I may not have a party with champagne and streamers and those annoying things you blow that make too much noise, I am turning the Gregorian calendar on its ear (at least in my house) and starting this new year again on February 1. What the heck… Companies are allowed to determine their fiscal year, the government’s fiscal year starts on the random date of October 1, and I have basically lost January. So instead of trying to find it, I’m going to relegate it to “last year”.

Thyme is having a sleep over with friends

10 days from now I will be done with my round of antibiotics. I will be starting my 60k in 60 days writing extravaganza (which is really 90k in 60 days for me, unofficially). I will be starting my 325k in 365 days writing experiment. I will be back from my mom’s 70th birthday, and ready to start using my rowing machine and treadmill again. My brain will be (theoretically) back to normal functionality, and I will be starting the countdown to our May 3 departure to Uganda.

George (in Uganda) is worn out by it all

What is time, anyway? Einstein said “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” Well, in January, ain’t nothing happening. And a whole lot of it.

Even our resident owl is just wiped out…

So look out February! Good thing you have that extra day this year, cause I’m gonna need it!

Always good advice…

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