The view has changed!

24 Jan

After today’s announcement by Google that they are going to use all of our private information regardless of privacy settings, with no opt outs, I decided that I had to make the move. It’ll take me awhile to transition, and I’ll have links back and forth for awhile, as I change my listing on blogrolls and such. But honestly, I am really disgusted with Google these days.

I realize that, when something is free, we are not the customer, we are the product. Got it. However, we are a thinking, breathing, moderately intelligent product, unlike a widget or port-a-potty, and so, when we feel, shall we say, taken advantage of and the scales of profit vs privacy shift to a Big Brother-ish degree, guess what…? The product is going to walk.

I closed my Google+ account. I deleted Chrome. I haven’t used Google to search in a long time, but I’ll make sure I don’t by accident now!

So that was my rant… but now I have a nice, spiffy, lovely new home, and a new view from my sunroom. I hope you will enjoy being here as much as you did at my Blogspot blog, and keep reading!

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